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Re: Some thoughts about Diversity and the CoC


Sorry a little late to this thread, but I wanted you to know that I fully support any individual's choices when it comes to their own gender representation, sexual identification and preferences.  I understand and support your recent expressed anger. Baiting and attacking minority groups is totally wrong, and I'm glad you and other Debian community members are calling people out for doing it. Also, the Debian-ish devolution of the discussion into a grammar debate, was worth calling out, and I'm glad you did.

I also just want to take a step back, and remind anyone reading this that looking at the bigger picture, it just makes sense to treat other people with respect. It costs us nothing to give our colleagues, friends and family the benefit of their beliefs as long as their beliefs don't infringe upon our rights and freedom. (And I don't consider treating people disrespectfully, a right or a freedom worthy of protection within our, or any, community I am a part of.)

For clarity, ignoring a group of people's beliefs about themselves, to push your own beliefs on them, is called persecution, which has absolutely no place in Debian.


P.S. - We all make mistakes. If something written was a mistake, rather than a deliberate attack, the best thing to do would be to simply apologize and move on, rather than further engage in hostilities. e.g. - If one uses the wrong pronoun, a simple "I'm so sorry, I understand how you must feel. I'll try not to do it again", is all that is necessary. Not "It was a mistake, but ..." followed by another attack, or some declaration of moral superiority.
P.S.S. - No need to reply to this.

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