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Re: Community Team - where we want to go

On Mon, 11 Nov 2019, Gerardo Ballabio wrote:
> That is, the team would rule on individual cases, rather than issuing
> "lists of things not to do". IMHO that pretty much would make it a
> court with the power to judge project members. And I'm not sure that
> the team not taking actual measures, but just making "recommendations"
> to other people who are empowered to take action, would make a
> difference. In fact, that would be curiously similar to how the
> Inquisition proceeded: technically they never executed anyone, they
> just sent people to the secular authority with the "recommendation" to
> burn them at the stake.
> And if the people empowered to take action can disagree with the
> recommendation and apply their own judgement, well, that would make
> the "ultimate authority" concept void, and I would say, would nullify
> the whole point of having the team "interpret the CoC".



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