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Re: Community Team - where we want to go

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> If what you mean by "interpreting" is "eventually come up with a long
list of things not to do", then that would definitely be against the
spirit of the current Code of Conduct

Hi Wouter,
as far as my understanding goes (which may be completely wrong), the
intention of the Community Team would be to act as a sort of
"technical committee for CoC disagreement", i.e., when there is a
dispute of the kind "you violated the CoC!" "no, I didn't!" with both
parties arguing their point and not there being a clear consensus,
that can eventually be resolved by the team having the ultimate
authority to call whether there was a violation or not.

That is, the team would rule on individual cases, rather than issuing
"lists of things not to do". IMHO that pretty much would make it a
court with the power to judge project members. And I'm not sure that
the team not taking actual measures, but just making "recommendations"
to other people who are empowered to take action, would make a
difference. In fact, that would be curiously similar to how the
Inquisition proceeded: technically they never executed anyone, they
just sent people to the secular authority with the "recommendation" to
burn them at the stake.

And if the people empowered to take action can disagree with the
recommendation and apply their own judgement, well, that would make
the "ultimate authority" concept void, and I would say, would nullify
the whole point of having the team "interpret the CoC".


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