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Re: State of Debian cloud accounts

On 2019-08-24 19:36:08, Semih Özlem wrote:
> Hi,
> How are you?
> I am wondering how contracts regarding cloud will influence future of debian
> project? Will live versions that do not depend on an internet connection
> continue to exist, or is there a drift to making everything cloud-based. I
> personally believe that it is important to maintain both, (i) maintaining
> option to be able to work in case one can not afford or perfers to be able to
> work alone for parts of project (ii) not relying on cloud entirely is keeping
> options open (and not letting monopoly or oligopoly rule but maybe people do
> not agree with these views or perspectives. (does it violate the spirit of free
> and open source) I am not trying to be controversial or raise tantrum, just
> wondering views.
> but I am wondering what people's opinions are and why,

First I think that this kind of question should be dropped into debian-devel
where it could kick off a fairly interesting conversation but to at least
partly answer your question I really believe that as long as Debian exits it
will be always available for offline installation.
So it still will have to be download of the internet but further installation
as is now will be possible in offline mode.


> I would like to get involved in debian specifically education aspects, and I am
> working on small scripts/programs to download deb files for installing
> programs, as time allows. I am also considering in near future to get more
> involved with linux, but I have questions regarding either stability or safety
> or security of linux systems and their compatibility with a system that has
> windows installed on it. Some people around me seem concerned that linux
> systems may be not completely reliable as windows for laptops, but I do not
> really want to buy their argument, and I would like to settle the reasons for
> either slowdown or waiting of computers. Depending on answers I find, I might
> be interested in being more involved with debian project.

There are thousands of people running Linux exclusively on their hardware
including laptops for day to day work, entertainment, etc. (I'm one of them).
There are also people running in dual boot modes where Windows and Linux are
available on the same host and all seams to be working perfectly well most of
the time.

If you're interested in Debian for educational purposes have a look at
Skolelinux/Debian-Edu (https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/) I'm pretty sure that
team in there will appreciate help.


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