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Re: Upgrade From Debian 8 to Debian 10

Hi Ammad

On 2019/07/08 10:58, Ammad Khan wrote:
> I'm running large number of servers on Debian 8 and now want to directly
> upgrade them from Debian 8 to Debian 10.

First and foremost, this list isn't meant for support, please refer to
https://www.debian.org/support where you can get the correct mailing
lists for support purposes.

> Is it possible to upgrade dist directly and what is harm with this
> process? Debian 8 servers are using for hosting purpose and some
> components are listed below :

You can't skip releases when upgrading, you have to fully upgrade to
Debian 9 (including updates) before upgrading to Debian 10.

> - Nginx
> - Apache
> - Varnish
> - Mysql 5.5
> - Memcached
> - PHP 7.0 
> - FPM service is using with Apache

Always best to check your setup in a VM or a machine with snapshots
first, but at a glance MySQL has been replaced with MariaDB (at least
they're highly compatible but if you use any sort of configuration
manager or metapackages or scripts that refer to these for your
deployment, you'll have to update those).


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