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Re: Debian supports pridemonth?

Jonathan Carter - 02.07.19, 10:54:
> On 2019/07/02 10:35, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > How about a month of welcoming *all* contributors regardless of
> > their
> > skin color, their sexual orientation, their political viewpoints,
> > their appearance?
> > 
> > How about "all is welcome here"?
> That's basically our default state, so you could basically say we do
> that every month.
> The reason that certain groups of people (women, lgbt people,
> disadvantaged people (based on race, location, etc) and so on) gets
> some special attention is that they have been historically
> marginalized and in many countries that's still even the case. The
> idea behind diversity isn't diversity for diversity's sake as some
> would like to allude to, but it's about inclusivity and about human
> rights. And sure, when it comes to human rights it's going to get a

Again here as well: I have no opinion about pridemonth nor any objection 
with it.

What I argued about is my perception that people who raised concerns and 
felt unwelcome or marginalized were not met by acknowledgment. And it is 
not even about me, cause I did not feel that way.

My main point just was: Their opinions and feelings are valid, too.

Being inclusive means at least acknowledging that.

I never made a statement on whether to promote, support, endorse 
pridemonth or not. Please do not read more into what I wrote than what 
is actually there.

> As for a literal "all is welcome here", that gets more complicated
> because people who go against our ethos aren't welcome here. If
> someone is a bigot and wants to spew out hatred and propaganda on our
> platforms, I'll be one of the first to make a call that they be
> kicked out. This doesn't at all meant that people can't have their
> own opinion or should be afraid to voice it. But there are those of
> us that want to make this world a better place for future generations
> so that they can both live and thrive in it, but then there are those
> regressionists who will insist on every bad choice possible to set us
> back as a species. I have no problem to call these people out, and if
> they want to be a crybaby and a snowflake about it and go "boo I
> don't like politics" every time that they are proven to be wrong
> about their views and still insist to double down on those, then I'm
> certainly not going to waste any sympathy on them.

Did you actually read:

Martin Steigerwald - 02.07.19, 10:35:
> Of course that does not mean to tolerate abusive behavior. It is of
> course important to set healthy boundaries by having a netiquette
> and/or a code of conduct that makes sense and actually enforce it.
> Love it not license. I can still love someone and set boundaries. I
> can still love someone and leave or ask them to leave.

Cause if you did, I do not get why you are actually even writing this.

I acknowledged that there are situation where it is important to set 
clear boundaries.


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