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Re: Debian supports pridemonth?

Colin Watson - 02.07.19, 12:25:
> On Tue, Jul 02, 2019 at 11:07:39AM +0200, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > Actually I felt something like similar like this myself before (not
> > related to the pridemonth thing). There still a lot of oppression of
> > women and a lack of progress on equal pay for equal work and so on…
> > I
> > acknowledge that. On the other hand with everything around feminism…
> > I sometimes wondered "So as a male I cannot have any feelings of
> > being excluded or unwelcome cause I am a member of a dominant
> > group"? What if, just what if I do not buy into that crap, but I am
> > still made a member of a group I do not identify with? This is
> > violence as well. And beware if I would even be a white male. Then
> > I better shut up, cause… I am a member of that dominant, violent,
> > aggressive group. But what if, just what if not every white,
> > heterosexual male is violent or aggressive? I even asked myself
> > whether I would even be a man if I cannot see me as a member of
> > that group.
> [Yet another straight cis white man writing here.]
> It's of course true that Not All Men (etc.) are individually
> oppressive, dominant, violent, rich, and so on.  A lot of people get
> hung up on that, and I can understand why.  But this isn't really the
> point that feminists and other people working for greater equality in
> society are generally making.  The point of identifying privileged
> groups is to point out that, on average, members of those groups have
> an easier time than people who aren't in those groups.  And it's
> really important to notice that this is not solely about how you see
> yourself, but about how others react to you for things you can't
> reasonably control.

I get that.

But on the other hand I am not average if that is possible at all and I 
never have been.

> If you feel that Debian should hold itself aloof from this and strive
> to be apolitical and solely about technology, then I understand your

No. I did not make a statement about this at all.

> position and used to sympathise with it myself, and I'm sure we can
> work together in other ways, but we aren't likely to agree on this
> one.  I'd ask that other straight white men in Debian who feel
> aggrieved by the promotion of other identities and appearances take a
> step back and try to think about why you're aggrieved.  Are you
> really being systematically underprivileged in the sorts of ways that 
> other groups often are? […]

Rather than assuming on what I could mean, I kindly ask you to relate to 
what I actually have written.

Whether Debian supports pridemonth or any other group or event… I 
believe it is important to acknowledge that people may feel less welcome 
if its not made equally clear that all contributors are welcome here.

There have been people feeling marginalized or unwelcome due to this and 
I believe its important to at least acknowledge that. Its not invalid 
cause its coming from people whom you could call privileged.

Mind you, I did not. I do not have an opinion about pridemonth as I do 
not know much about it.

I'd rather really stop putting people into boxes, cause my experience 
is: People do not fit in any boxes.


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