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Re: Debian election gerrymander, credibility

On Thu, 2019-03-14 at 09:27 +0100, Matthias Hager wrote:
> Chris Lamb has obviously been gaslighting, winding people up for
> months in private and pretending he doesn't know anything

It's only obvious if you accept Sam's narrative.  As I said, when Sam
selects a stories narrative an accurate portrayal of events has never
been high on his list of priorities.  So much so that people who were
there usually don't recognise the event in the story.

I say this as one of Sam's fellow Australian's who has been involved in
open source for a couple of decades and has attended events on the
receiving end of a few of his articles.  In fact to me it has looked
like Sam deliberately stirred things up by attributing false
motivations to the people involved, making it seem it plausible by the
selective planting of nuggets of truth here and there, possibly so he
could wring out a few more stories of conflict and turmoil from the
same source.  But I'm sure that's can't be right as no ethical
journalist would behave that way.

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