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2 minute summary of Debian crisis

In September, the Leader started a whispering campaign to undermine
another highly respected developer, the developer finds out at Christmas,
he is rightly furious, who wouldn't be?

Two or three developers (at least) unvoluntarily removed from keyring
without explanation and call out intimidation and dirty politics.
Membership rights trivialized, members outcry.

One case linked to tampering in the FSFE representation.  Dirty as hell.

The antiharassment team is vociferously defended by the oligarchy
but many other people legitimately perceive bias and patronism so
the team is unable to earn the widespread trust needed to be useful in any
way whatsoever.  God save the antiharassment team.

A whole lot of very talented gods of Debian lost enormous amount
of time arguing about summary punishments in debian-private, losing
all of the Christmas period.  Couldn't put a price on this time waste.

My take: in 2018, the whole community failed.  When talented
devs are either wasting so much time or feeling so
seriously betrayed, somebody has gone very badly wrong somewhere.
You know who you are.  The sooner you admit it, the sooner you fix it.

People are going round in circles now, trying to solve social
problems using the same tools and techniques used for technical problems.
Blind Freddies theorem: the smartest people are the stupidest.  Hope
the rest of you can see it too.

If somebody didn't understand your last intimidating emails, don't you
realize they are probably not going to understand the next emails either?

Updating the policy for Planet doesn't really do a lot to
fix any of that.

Blaming the people who spoke up about betrayal and picking on them
for word choice won't fix it either.

Please try to work your ways back to the point where things ran off
the rails, take back the snap judgments and harsh words on all sides and
start again from that point.  That is what a professional mediator would
do in this situation.  Or just let one ego rule almighty and crush
everybody else.

If you don't find consensual solution, there is every chance you will repeat the whole
thing again sooner rather than later.  Merry Christmas 2019.

Us users want you all to work together.  We are shocked by all this.
Thought you were a big happy Debian family.

Your user
Happy new year

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