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Re: On Mediation and Warnings

Norbert Preining writes ("On Mediation and Warnings"):
> What I want to make clear that I have received in total
> 	5 (five)
> personal messages from DPL/DAM/AH Teams:

You are implying (while carefully avoiding saying it directly) that
until the DAM decision, you didn't know that many people have been
finding many of your messages unnecessarily abrasive.

That is dishonest of you.

I searched my own private mail records for 2017-2018 and I found:

1. In December 2017, you wrote this [1] on the TC list:

      | I have been "moderated" by [listmaster] (AFAIR) in the same
      | way, with implicit threats using the CoC.  Don't play the "I
      | haven't said anything directly" game.  This *is* moderation,
      | even if you don't see it like that.

   I haven't looked deeper to see what if you explained what prompted
   a listmaster to remind you informally of the CoC.  But I am
   confident that I would concur with listmaster's judgement.

2. In October 2017 you wrote very harshly about someone who you
   thought might be MIA.  You were publicly called out about your
   tone by Ulrike Uhlig [2].  I wrote you a private email with
   a similar complaint.  You replied to me:

      | And I [wasn't] aggressive, I stated facts, even if they are
      | harsh. Facts are verifiable and this [is] not aggressive.

   Obviously I didn't agree, but I didn't escalate it because I lacked
   confidence that anything useful would come of a complaint.

It is dishonest of you to give people the impression that you had no
idea that your behaviour was falling foul of the Code of Conduct.

You have been complaining for a long time that the CoC is making you
into a victim of unjustifiable threats.  But now that the threats have
been actually implemented, you play naive and pretend they never

I note that your careful phrasing in your message just now talks only
about the DPL/DAM/AH teams.  It does not, for example, include our IRC
operators or owner@bugs etc. - nor listmaster, who by your own words
evidently sent you something you considered a warning ("threat").

Nor does it include messages like mine and Ulrike Uhlig's, sent in a
purely personal capacity.

I have no doubt that DAM were aware of the incident (2) above even
though it wasn't included in their list of examples of your poor

I also have no doubt that if other contributors search their personal
email archives they will find similar complaints from themselves and
others, which no doubt in each case you decided you did not agree

Ultimately, since you will not accept feedback, action had to taken to
stop you harming the wellbeing of the rest of the project.

Since unfortunately our listmasters do not act on bad behaviour, your
aggression was allowed to continue until it reached a point where
AH/DAM decided to expel you.


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-ctte/2017/12/msg00025.html
[2] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2017/10/msg00438.html

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