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Re: Censorship in Debian

Paul R. Tagliamonte dijo [Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 10:36:08AM -0500]:
> > So where is the difference to a closed military court or gulag general?
> I strongly encourage you to read about Gulags and understand for both
> mlitary tribunal and prison camp, the result is often death. Debian can not
> kill you. Debian can't silence you.
> (...)
> To all on this thread: stop marginalizing those who actually face death and
> life in prison for speaking their mind. The comparison cheapens their life.
> Stand up for those who have fought for our rights by not drawing such petty
> comparisons.

Of course, I don't think Norbert was literal characterizing the
situation as a gulag. I don't think anybody here thought he was. I
don't think Norbert expected anybody to have an image of him starving
to death or chilled in the steppe...

Norbert rightly mentioned several aspects he considers unfair about
the way this process went. He considered he didn't get a right to
be heard, nor notified about the process as it was progressing towards
a decision, but only notified about a final decision.

I completely agree with him.

and I don't think DAM's view, "he can reapply in six months, what's
unfair about it?", is fair.

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