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Re: Censorship in Debian


On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 01:13:53AM +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:

> For those not aware of the issue, here is *my* view onto the events.
> AH and DAM can answer and provide their own interpretation. I will try
> to stay as objective as it is possible for me.

As written in the message we sent you, none of the issues linked, taken
singularly, would be worth of taking action, but taken all together they
represent a long recurring trend.

The reason we took action is because:

> our impression is that you seem to ignore the issues raised
> while attacking the people who raise them.

That is not an acceptable behaviour in a community that is built by the
cooperation of a diverse range of skills and people.

Also, we could see, while considering the situation, that this kind of
trend is not just a thing of the past. As we wrote here:

> On nov 27, the antiharassment team removed your blog post from Planet
> again, because of yet another reiteration of these problems. Your
> response, even though it was framed like asking questions, again it read
> as an accusation to the people, a delegated team in this case, who, once
> again, called you out.
> On dec 4, you have unilaterally readded yourself to Planet Debian.

This was another, recent repetition of the trend of attacking the people who
raised issues instead of listening to them. In particular, this part of
your reply to the antiharassment team, that you chose to leave out when
reposting it here on -project:

> Question 4: several people feel uncomfortable
> ---------------------------------------------
> If you consider the harassment team different from a hidden military
> court or a gulag general, I expect that those who have deposed complains
> do not remain anonymous. Please let me know who initiated this
> procedure.

I hope this helps make sense of our decision.


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