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Re: Debian System Administration team sprint report

On Thu, 08 Feb 2018, Chris Lamb wrote:

> Hi Julien,
> Thank you for such a detailed report; really appreciated.
> > The traffic for security.debian.org currently peaks at around 25Gbps
> > globally for just the linux kernel in a single suite.
>            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I think I'm parsing this correctly (25GBps after we push a kernel
> security update?), but could you rephrase it just in case?

security.debian.org traffic from just the pool/updates/main/l/linux
directory peaks at 25Gbps when a security update is released.

> > The snapshot.debian.org mirror hosted by LeaseWeb has been running out
> > of disk space.
> Aw, does that mean we "lost" incoming archive data?

leaseweb is a mirror of the master copy at sanger.

That also ran out of space a while ago but breaking up a mirror over 2
external storage arrays into individual devices provided the extra room
there, so we should be fine.

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