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DISS project hosting (was: contacting Debian is too easy to get wrong)

On 21-Oct-2017, Katy Tolsen wrote:
> I think the project I've started may be the answer to this as well
> as many other support issues that plague our system.

Thank you for starting this project.

> However we need a lot of help to make this happen.


In its early days, can I convince you to move the project away from
the proprietary GitHub silo? That will limit the participation from
people who care about keeping their contributions on free platforms

There is currently a transition within the official Debian
infrastructure for VCS hosting, so it's not *quite* feasible for me to
point you to an “official” Debian VCS host.

In the meantime, I would recommend using the free-software platforms
Launchpad <URL:https://launchpad.net/> or a GitLab instance
<URL:https://gitlab.debian.net/>, while it is easy to migrate the
project away from a proprietary silo.

> We really need help on this project especially from at least one
> DM/DD to make it a reality. Right now we're just planning it all
> out, and all input is welcome.

I would love to contribute – I have the Python skills you discuss, and
recognise the problem you're solving – once the project is on a
free-software platform where I can in good conscience maintain an

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