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Re: How the Debian project organises itself

On Sun, 2017-10-01 at 15:14 +0200, Greg Harvey wrote:

> I'm still left wondering about a few practical things though - for
> example, how is hosting things like the VCS, the mirrors, etc. 
> organised and paid for (or maybe it isn't paid for, hence the
> partners?)

Each service has an admin team and the Debian sysadmin team run the
systems that the services run on using hosting provided gratis by our
hosting partners and hardware either provided gratis by our hardware
partners or purchased through general Debian funding.

The mirrors are hosted and run by organisations around the world who
want to have faster access to the Debian archive, or want their
customers or users to use less external bandwidth.


> Who organises official events and how are they organised?

The annual Debian conference is organised in a different location each
year by a new local team, who are advised by the global team.


Other events are organised by local groups and Debian contributors.

> Who funds events, if anyone?

Events are funded through Debian's general funding, which comes from
donations and sponsorship of the annual Debian conference.

> This sort of stuff... maybe it's all outsourced to SPI?

SPI is one of our "Trusted Organisations", each of which holds assets
on our behalf and enters into agreements where we need a legal entity.
Some of these have paid staff members and others are volunteer based.


> Wondering how Debian avoid this, or how they manage it, if it's
> simply unavoidable for a large FOSS project?

Most of the TOs take a percentage of donations to their member projects
in order to cover their costs.



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