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Jessie needs updating

After Wheezy left Jessie alone because as much as I tried, I couldn't get it to play Drm flash content.
 Not even Pandora would play or Hulu. Then I remembered Hal being required by flash. To add insult to injury Adobe then decided to remove drm from the long stagnant flash 11.2 to 24. This leaves 2 problems the FF and chromium in the channel can't support widevine-cdm yet, and the Jessie packages not having a hal substitute made it impossible to stream any adobe drm flash content. At long last I found a solution.  I noticed somebody made a hal flash package for Stretch( tried the ones for ubuntu and they didn't work month before). So I installed it and one other dependent package to use it under Jessie. Jessie was an older version updated to 8.8 in the channel. Then I had to replace the flash 24 script with the latest flash 11.2 shell script with the channel auto download. With this effort Flash DRM for the first time plays DRM flash content. So what I'm saying is the hal flash package should have been put in the jessie repo's along with any updated dependencies that allow it to work. I know html 5 is out there but drm is something that has to be dealt with like it or not, especially since flash holdouts have an entire infrastructure built from it. I know its not fair that web software changes  or things are not as universally obsolete as people would like, but we still have to deal with it. Meanwhile not alienating users from a full bodied experience. Even now Wheezy will not play Pandora because they had a compulsive web interface update that left FF 45.9 lacking to play more than a few songs at a time and working right. Using my flash repaired Jessie with flash 11.2 Pandora works. Most likely because the FF version is slightly newer than Wheezy updates version. For anyone who might have issues with widevine use. I was frustrated when Hulu let Yahoo stream the free stuff. Let it be known that Yahoo view does blacklist widevine use for certain browser and OS combinations( I have to use a user agent switcer on Linux), going directly to Hulu widevine is not restricted. I discovered this when I updated LM 17.2 flash and FF to non npapi plugin versions. I was like who in their idiot mind likes to break things that worked for years and what in the hell is this widevine I never heard of. Until the FF in the channel is made widevine type drm compatible I won't update flash 11.2 for anything plus yahoo view functions without problem with 11.2.    
I got frustrated so others hopefully don't have to.
 Thanks, Kurt

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