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Re: DEP 15: Reserved namespace for DD-approved non-maintainer changes

Hi Sean,

Am 2017-06-07 22:56, schrieb Sean Whitton:
I am hereby reserving DEP number 15 for my draft DEP, "Reserved
namespaces for DD-approved non-maintainer changes".

I'd like to suggest discussing this DEP on d-devel (which is the
Reply-to for this e-mail).  The canonical DEP text is at

I really hate to be negative here, but I just don't see the
point of it.

If I look at how I maintain packages, if someone sends me a
patch (or later once implemented a pull request), I will
always carefully look at that patch - regardless of who it
is from. Not because I necessarily mistrust people, but just
so I also am up to speed about the current state of the
package. I really don't see how having an area to pull from
where only DDs and selected DMs can push to would help here.
(And if contributions from a specific person come often
enough, I'd suggest co-maintainership anyway.)

To me this looks like a very complicated technical solution
to something that I've never encountered as a problem myself.

Again, sorry that I'm so negative here, and of course I have
my own biases, but maybe you could provide an example work-
flow where your proposal actually helps the maintainer and/
or the contributor?


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