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Re: I'm scared and offended by your kfreebsd port. Sorry. Please help me feel better?

Hi Christopher,

Christopher Chalmers <CChalmers-cc@conestogac.on.ca> writes:

> Hi Debian project!
> I had used Debian 6.5 and Debian 6.7 and tried Debian 7.0 – 7.2 And I
> liked them, but I found out that freebsd with the young devil mascot
> and a devil head icon, was part of Debian and it scared the sh#t out
> of me.

You appear to be judging things based on their outward appearance, while
not really looking into the details at all.


You'll notice that page is titled BSD _Daemon_, not BSD Devil.

If you read that page, you'll discover that Unix and thus Linux has long
running processes that are called "software daemons", that do the work
of keeping the system running properly.

This use of the word "daemon" comes from Greek mythology, as you can see


and therefore has no relation to devils, or even to demons (except by
being a homophone).

The cartoon mascot is thus a visual pun, since it depicts a demon,
rather than a daemon.  The joke continues with the fact that the mascot
is called "Beastie" which is a homophone of BSD.

> Sent from Mail for Windows 10

I note that you apparently have no qualms about using software from
Microsoft, despite them being convicted repeat monopoly abusers:


Might I suggest that you contemplate those facts, perhaps in conjunction
with Mathhew 7:18


However, I'm not sure if that's going to make you feel any better.  Sorry.

Cheers, Phil.
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