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I'm scared and offended by your kfreebsd port. Sorry. Please help me feel better?

Hi Debian project!


I had used Debian 6.5 and Debian 6.7 and tried Debian 7.0 – 7.2 And I liked them, but I found out that freebsd with the young devil mascot and a devil head icon, was part of Debian and it scared the sh#t out of me. I stopped using Debian and stopped using Ubuntu and all their derivatives. Now, looking into it again with a hope that maybe it has been discontinued, or hope that it isn’t really a part of Debian, lead me to find this under ports:   


32-bit PC (i386)

First officially released with Debian 6.0 as a technology preview and the first non-Linux port released by Debian. Port of the Debian GNU system to the kernel of FreeBSD. Is no longer part of the official release since Debian 8.

in progress


And it made me feel better that the freebsd port, “Is no longer part of the official release since Debian 8.”

But I’m worried still that you may have some freebsd software ported into Debian from freebsd. Sorry that I dislike freebsd so much, but it’s because I don’t like or trust the devil, and use of the devil in any product scares me a lot. Sorry again, this really upsets me. I’m hoping that freebsd and macOSX get discontinued in the near future and use of the devil in products stops soon, but I don’t know how likely that is.


Please help. Maybe you can make me feel better by explaining that freebsd is no longer part of the official release since Debian 8. And that hopefully people are not developing it very much, and that hopefully there haven’t been any freebsd ports into Debian, it was just a port of Debian into freebsd. And hopefully kfreebsd and Debian are not planning on trying to take anybody’s souls, like the devil tries to do. That last one worries me, that’s why I read license agreements – to make sure that my soul isn’t at risk by anybody. License agreements are sooo long, what do they put in them, they don’t need to make them that long! License Agreements should be easy to read, short, and reused in many different software projects, so really you would only need to read it once, like a short version of the GPL! Ironically BSD has a very short License Agreement, but I don’t trust BSD because of freebsd.


Sorry everyone who reads this, I hope I’m not being offensive, it’s just that the devil still scares me quite a bit, and I want everyone’s Souls to be safe and well taken care of like God would do. I love God. I believe God is love, and in a way we are all God, all lifeforms make up God. But that’s just my theory, and belief. I hope that’s ok.


Thanks for any help regarding this, I would greatly appreciate it, and I hope everyone leaves my soul alone with me and God. Thank-you Debian!


Christopher GJPMD Chalmers

Conestoga College
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Architecture Construction Engineering Technology
2017 June 4 Sunday 10:27 pm

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