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shutting down httpredir.debian.org?


we keep getting reports of httpredir.debian.org not working correctly,
such as intermittently just sending errors or redirecting to mirrors
that are out of date.

Only a few of those make it to the BTS, some make it to
mirrors@debian.org, and there are several on various IRC channels.  I
suspect quite a few make it to Raphael, since that's still the contact
point listed on the website (not an email address there, either - just a
link to blogspot).

When there is a response - and there isn't always - it's usually "nobody
currently maintains httpredir, sorry".

So, it appears as if currently nobody has time or the energy to take
care of httpredir.debian.org properly.

I suggest we shut down the service for now.  If, at some future point,
somebody wants to maintain again we can always start it up again.

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