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Re: Any Debian support for CubaConf

On 23/02/16 22:13, Valessio Brito wrote:
> Hello guys,
> How Debian could make a support for realization of CubaConf[1]?
> CubaConf = Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre April 25-27 -
> Cuban Art Factory Havana/Cuba
> Is sponsoring a Debian Developer to attend/talking the event or
> collaborating with some of the expenses. I know we have such limited
> resources. But the values are not very supportive[2].
> Personally, already I requested the production of 50 Debian t-shirts.
> I will sell at cost price (~$8) as an incentive to promotion of Debian Project.
> Or have a InstallFest[3], and each computer with Debian wins a t-shirt free.
> I think the important thing for the success of the event is to have
> Debian developers participating. Anyone DD near Cuba, go to CubaConf.
> Plz!

Maybe it is worthwhile for the DPL to simply assign a sum of money for
travel grants every 3 - 6 months and then people could shortlist all the
opportunities like this, identify if there are volunteers who want to go
and find some way to divide the money up fairly between them?

The MiniDebConfs in Brazil and Singapore have already been mentioned in
a thread last week, there is also a MiniDebConf in Vienna soon and all
of these appear interesting.

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