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Namespace question - data.debian.org


The Debian Data team produces the frameworks and runs the services that make
data about Debian available in a number of formats to make the data as
accessible as possible and to encourage its use both within Debian and in
external projects.

Examples of projects managed by this team are:

 * map.debian.net - A map of Debian Locations
 * rdf.debian.net - A Linked Data interface to the data in UDD

Both of these are experimental projects, but they are ready to be turned
into something stable and permanent.

I originally planned to use data.debian.net for this service, which would
also include JSON/JSONP, KML and iCalendar exports of data from UDD, and
later migrate the service to data.debian.org on a VM managed by DSA and
maintain data.debian.net as a development machine.

In #808088, it was suggested that I could ask for the data.debian.org
psuedo-package to be assigned once it was cleared with DSA, but DSA has
bought up a previous project from ftp-master that was going to use the name

I see that currently it does not have any DNS records. The entry on the
ftp-master wiki has not seen an update since 2009.


So if ftp-master no longer wishes to claim the name data.debian.org, and as
their usage would only be for datasets packaged in debian for distribution
using the mirrors, I would say data.ftp.debian.org would be a better name
for that service, then I would be very happy to have the name
data.debian.org for the Debian Data team.

If not, I'm open to suggestions for other names to use. Examples of URLs
that would appear under this domain would be:

 * /api/0/package/direwolf - Machine readable data about the binary package
 * /api/0/bug/808088 - Machine readable data about bug #808088
 * /concept/package/direwolf - A semantic URL representing the concept of
   the binary package "direwolf"
 * /concept/debian - A semantic URL representing the concept of the Debian
 * /kml/mirrors.kml - A KML formatted mirror list with locations and status



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