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Re: Namespace question - data.debian.org

On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 09:46:04AM +0000, Iain R. Learmonth wrote:

Hi Iain!

>The Debian Data team produces the frameworks and runs the services that make
>data about Debian available in a number of formats to make the data as
>accessible as possible and to encourage its use both within Debian and in
>external projects.
>Examples of projects managed by this team are:
> * map.debian.net - A map of Debian Locations
> * rdf.debian.net - A Linked Data interface to the data in UDD
>Both of these are experimental projects, but they are ready to be turned
>into something stable and permanent.
>I originally planned to use data.debian.net for this service, which would
>also include JSON/JSONP, KML and iCalendar exports of data from UDD, and
>later migrate the service to data.debian.org on a VM managed by DSA and
>maintain data.debian.net as a development machine.
>In #808088, it was suggested that I could ask for the data.debian.org
>psuedo-package to be assigned once it was cleared with DSA, but DSA has
>bought up a previous project from ftp-master that was going to use the name
>I see that currently it does not have any DNS records. The entry on the
>ftp-master wiki has not seen an update since 2009.
>  https://ftp-master.debian.org/wiki/projects/data/
>So if ftp-master no longer wishes to claim the name data.debian.org, and as
>their usage would only be for datasets packaged in debian for distribution
>using the mirrors, I would say data.ftp.debian.org would be a better name
>for that service, then I would be very happy to have the name
>data.debian.org for the Debian Data team.
>If not, I'm open to suggestions for other names to use. Examples of URLs
>that would appear under this domain would be:

To me, they sound more like *metadata* maybe:
metadata.debian.{net,org} maybe?

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