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Re: Debian Project Contribution - Sheetal


On 09/12/15 22:40, Riley Baird wrote:
>> Please assign me a suitable task. I am ready to give more than 8 hrs every
>> week for it.
> We don't exactly assign tasks. You can pick up whatever you want and
> start working on it. However, if you're looking for ideas, you might
> want to try adopting an orphaned python package. Here is a short list:
> http://wnpp.debian.net/?type[]=O&project=python
> The Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT) and the debian-mentors lists
> should be able to help you with this if you get stuck.
Debian helps with the distribution of software. Closely connected is
the distribution of skills using that software. Either is rewarding to
contribute to. It does not really matter where you start. I propose
you take something you are already comfortable with, e.g. the Python
modules as proposed, and just take any of their packages and rebuild
them locally. You may find an outdated module and offer help to the
current maintainer to perform the update as an entry to the world of
Debian package maintenance, which is likely to bring the first mentor
and sponsor, too. Quite a number of packages are team-maintained.
The Debian wiki pages explain how this works.

The Debian Policy document is surprisingly readable. I once read it
annoyingly late when I was starting.

From there, you may decide to connect yourself not only with Debian
but also with the upstream developers.



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