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Re: Backports removed from sources.list ;-(

Martin Steigerwald <martin@lichtvoll.de> (2015-04-19):
> I wonder about a commented entry for backports. This way people can
> easily enable it. I saw Ubuntu using this for some repos.

Feel free to open a wishlist bug report for it, that seems entirely

Looking at apt-setup and apt-setup-verify to see how we deal with
commented out entries, it doesn't seem trivial (at least to me right
now) to implement that before Jessie is out. But that's certainly
something we can do for Stretch.

> I always end hand editing this on a lot of machines. But maybe I miss
> some tool to configure apt sources more easily.

I suppose this would be something similar to add-apt-repository (or
apt-add-repository), from the software-properties-common package.


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