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Re: Doubt.


On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 11:08:04AM -0300, Daniel Lucena wrote:
> I would like know if between download images of Debian 8 (after
> became stable) the Mate Desktop Environment will be available or i
> need install Debian NetInstall and after install Mate packages with
> aptitude?

This type of question is best asked on the debian-user mailing list.

Yes, MATE is going to be part of jessie (Debian 8).

If you use the netinstall CD images, you will need to install MATE
via apt (or aptitude) after install: it is not included on the netinst
CD image.

To find out what packages are available on what CDs, please see the
CD search tool[1] (see also the Debian CD Image FAQ[2]).

This search[3] shows you which images contain MATE. In short:
the first DVD or BD images; the third CD image. (for amd64 at least).

[1] http://cdimage-search.debian.org
[2] https://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#search-for-package
[3] http://cdimage-search.debian.org/?search_area=weekly-builds&type=exact&query=mate-desktop-environment*&Search=Search&.cgifields=search_area&.cgifields=type

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