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Re: Bug#772645: lists.debian.org: Please create debian-moderation@lists.debian.org

Since Raphael asked for support, I am hereby publicly declaring that I
support such idea and the list creation.


On Tue, Dec 9, 2014, at 15:31, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Package: lists.debian.org
> Severity: wishlist
> Hello,
> with the adoption of the code of conduct, more and more people started
> to respond to persons who do not follow its spirit, to let them know
> that the message was inappropriate in one way or another. Some do it
> publicly and other do it privately.
> This is good. Unfortunately, when such a message is sent publicly on the
> same mailing list, it oftens degenerates in a small sub-thread.
> This is bad because it generates useless tension and because its
> brings down the signal/noise ratio on the given list. At the same time,
> those discussions are also necessary to have some balance and remember
> collectively that we do not want to over-regulate our mailing lists
> either.
> Thus I would like to have a new mailing list called
> "debian-moderation@lists.debian.org" that moderators (i.e. contributors
> who are telling others that their behaviour was inappropriate, or
> contributors refuting such claims) would use. The complaint would go the
> interested person and would be carbon copied to this list.
> This has multiple benefits:
> - people acting as moderators get a better feel of what can be done and
>   what can't be done (by following what others are doing they
>   auto-regulate
>   themselves)
> - listmasters can monitor the list to detect regular offenders and take
>   more informed decisions for (temporary) bans
> - meta-discussions no longer pollute our work mailing lists
> To not exclude moderators who are unwilling to send complaints publicly,
> I believe that the mailing list should be private (but archived with
> archives accessible to DD only) and only open to Debian developers by
> default. Possibly non-DD could join but they would need the invitation of
> a DD.
> A copy of this mail is sent to debian-project, both to have some public
> discussion of this idea (in that case, please do not keep the bug in
> copy), and to sollicit a few "ack" from other DD who are already
> doing that kind of moderation work (or would like to start doing it in a
> more organized way).
> Thank you.
> FTR, this idea was initially submitted in a debian-private thread
> discussing the code of conduct.
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