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Re: donations and paypal

On Thu, 11 Dec 2014, Brian Gupta wrote:
> If you aren't a Paypal user, and don't wish to use Paypal, adding Paypal
> support will have minimum impact on the processes you have been using.

> There a a number of things that should be made clear:
> 1) We have no plans to EVER make Paypal the only way to donate to Debian.
> 2) We don't plan to keep significant funds stored in Paypal.
> 3) Every Trusted Organization that Debian works with either currently accepts
> Paypal, or plans to.
> 4) Paypal does not require the use of any non-DFSG compliant software,
> including Javascript to make donations. Because of this, most of our
> peer Free Software organization accept Paypal.
> 5) Accepting Paypal does not preclude us from exploring other, new,
> payment processing systems, as long as they allow us to integrate
> with them without using non-DFSG software, and don't require
> donors to use non-DFSG software. If you have a system you'd
> like us to integrate with, we're willing to explore it, with the caveat
> we don't have a lot of human bandwidth, so it would likely take
> time to evaluate and integrate new services.

> Please weigh in. Some possible responses might be:
> 1) I use Paypal, and would be grateful for this addition
> 2) I don't use Paypal, but wouldn't mind this being a choice for those that do
> 3) I don't use Paypal, and am opposed to making this an option
> 4) $%^& Paypal, what about Bitcoin?
> 5) I don't care, I trust folks working on fundraising to make sane decisions

FWIW -- since there were not much of follow up.  I think it is a
great development which would indeed bring more funds to the Debian

When I have suggested a few years back to accept donations
via PayPal the main argument against was a possibility of having PayPal
freeze the account which accepts funds, upon any "suspicious activity".
I hope that you guys mitigated this possible problem (e.g. via some
intermediate account destined solely to channel paypal money)?

> If we don't hear back, at some point we'll move forward with adding a Paypal
> option to https://www.debian.org/donations

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