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Re: Interpreting the init system GR results

>>>>> "Russ" == Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

    Russ> I have a different perspective.

    Russ> I think we just had a GR in which the Debian developer
    Russ> community said that we, as a community, would like to work
    Russ> through all of the issues around init systems together, as a
    Russ> community, rather than having any one side of the argument win
    Russ> unambiguously and impose its views on those who disagree.

I agree strongly when I read your message.
I feel a thrill of excitement when I think about the challenge we've
placed before ourselves, because I imagine a world in which we
eventually turn this into a victory for working together and for
respecting diverse views.

I hope those of us who voted for option 4 rise to this challenge.
Having asked to work together using our normal processes, I request that
we work to make sure that the way we communicate and work together is up
to that task.

In another message,
Matthias Urlichs  wrote:
>Too true. This GR does not have winners. We all lost. Not as a result of
>this vote, bus because of the incessant arguing, trolling, and mixing up
>of personal preferences and angsts with technical merits and bugs which
>preceded and accompanied it.

We choose whether we win or lose.  There's been a huge sacrifice in
terms of pain and energy spent.
We today can choose whether that's a loss, or whether that provides
energy to work together with respect and understanding.  We can choose
whether to turn all that pain into an nuanced solution to the technical
issues better than anything that could fit on a ballot combined with a
community that has greater confidence in its ability to work together.


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