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Re: Resigning from the Technical Committee

Hi Russ,

> Hello everyone,
> I resign from the Debian Technical Committee, effective immediately.
> Doing this immediately is for the sake of clarity and for some of the
> reasons mentioned below, not to cause problems for anyone.  I don't
> believe any issues are created at this point by an immediate resignation,
> since there are still six active members, plus Colin's willingness to
> continue on for a transition period.  However, if I'm wrong, please let me
> know, and I can change the effective date.

Thank you very much for your work in the TC. You were always a "voice of
reason", and it was a pleasure to read your carefully formulated,
thoughtful emails. This is even more impressive considering the general
circumstances of some of the discussions you've had during the last
years. Rest assured that your work and time commitment has been noticed
and appreciated well beyond the core Debian community.

It will be hard for the TC to find someone who is able to follow in your

Kind regards,

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