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Re: DEP-5 (copyright file format) ... gap with practice

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 05:03:07PM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
> Why do you believe repacking upstream tarball should be the default
> behavior (especially when, as already pointed before, “You *should*
> upload packages with a pristine source tarball if possible”)?

I don't suppose I'll have much support for this, but in short: at
present, upstream tarball repacking is a relatively uncommon thing,
which means DDs have to dust the cobwebs off their mental manual (or
the actual manual) every time they either have to repack an upstream
source or interact with a repacked source. This is one of many things
which contribute to making Debian packaging complex and tricky for

If we repacked every tarball as a matter of course, then our
procedures are simpler: we've reduced the branching factor by one.

If we repacked by default then some of the things we'd like to do
with repacking, but put off because it's not worth repacking for
them alone, such as getting rid of some of the autoconf/automake
cruft (which is ignored/overwritten by use of dh-autoreconf etc.)
might be more widespread.

Jonathan Dowalnd

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