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Re: Debian's investments (was: Can I donate in bitcoin?)

On 25/08/14 19:20, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> [2014-08-24 22:52 -0700]:
>> Just to clarify this point: I'm talking about situations where the
>> expense is defined in some nominal Bitcoin amount, not where
>> Debian has some USD expense and the vendor will accept the
>> equivalent in BTC based on the USD/BTC conversion rate at the
>> moment payment is executed.
> I agree with you. However, this is a (global) chicken-egg problem
> and we could contribute a little tiny bit towards solving that.

That may be correct, my only concern is that that is not Debian's mission

>> But that is like saying Debian should also set aside $5000 worth
>> of silver (it is used in computers) or $5000 worth of contracts to
>> buy oil (energy prices impact data centers).  A speculative
>> investment in any of those may be useful for some purpose, but how
>> does Debian decide which is best out of BTC, XAG, oil and all the
>> other possibilities?
> There is something to be said for diversification of assets.
> Here is the proposal I would like to make:
> Let's define a maximum amount, e.g. $5.000 and up until that amount,
> we are free to figure out best practices and see if this is
> something from which Debian could benefit and hence something we
> want to do long-term. If we exceeded the limit (consistently for
> a longer time period), we would convert to fiat.
> Below that, we get our hands dirty and the maximum risk would be
> losing $5.000, which is highly unlikely anyway, but Debian could
> handle it.

A better way to approach this may be to start a discussion about
Debian's strategy for investing long-term reserves, without a preference
for any specific asset such as BTC.

The problem with the current discussion is that it is proposing a
solution to a problem that has not been defined in Debian's own terms.

So lets have a problem statement.  It might include some of the following:
- how much money is available for long term investment?
- What are Debian's goals with that money (e.g. dealing with unexpected
legal costs, underwriting DebConf's revenue forecasts, acquiring an
office building or creating a revenue stream to pay the DPL a stipend in
some future year)?
- Is there a definite date for achieving the goals?

Then people can comment on which solutions (which may include a BTC
holding) are the best way to achieve those goals.

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