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Re: Can I donate in bitcoin?

also sprach Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> [2014-08-24 10:15 -0700]:
> - If Debian finds ways to spend Bitcoins then the situation
> changes a lot though.  All of the comments above are based on the
> assumption Debian has nothing to spend them on.

This is a pivotal point, and I think we can extend it to "if we
think there will be a way to spend Bitcoin" within limits.

> - China banned Bitcoin[2].  NY state and UK regulators are
> apparently looking constructively at whether it can be regulated.
> Whatever the situation, will it lead to controversy that may
> undermine Debian's primary mission or the position of Debian
> members in any particular country?

I firmly believe that we should always regard money and trusted
organisations as a means to an end, never let their needs and the
consequences of our choices affect our primary mission.

> There are people who can legally invest in Bitcoin and may choose
> to do so for some specific objective.  Does Debian itself have any
> objectives that can be facilitated by Bitcoin and where Bitcoin is
> better than any other possible speculative investment opportunity?

Facilitating payments, speeding them up, saving on fees, buying
hardware, … honestly, I think the sky's the limit if we are ready to
look at it that way.

> In short, I personally think it is probably possible for people to
> donate them but Debian would need to be converting them.

I think we could very well set aside an amount, e.g. define a limit
of $5000 and anything above we exchange. Looking at Debian's wealth,
I think we can certainly afford that.

The benefit would be to have a foot in the door and a lower barrier
of entry later. Also, we contribute to the adoption of Bitcoin, and
we gather experience with cryptocurrencies, which — you can quote me
on that — are here to stay.

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