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Re: Can I donate in bitcoin?

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On 25/08/14 00:00, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> [2014-08-24 10:15
> -0700]:
>> - If Debian finds ways to spend Bitcoins then the situation 
>> changes a lot though.  All of the comments above are based on
>> the assumption Debian has nothing to spend them on.
> This is a pivotal point, and I think we can extend it to "if we 
> think there will be a way to spend Bitcoin" within limits.

If it is not a known expense to be paid, it is speculative thinking

Just to clarify this point: I'm talking about situations where the
expense is defined in some nominal Bitcoin amount, not where Debian
has some USD expense and the vendor will accept the equivalent in BTC
based on the USD/BTC conversion rate at the moment payment is executed.

E.g. if Debian decided that each OPW participant will be paid exactly
5 BTC, no matter what the conversion rate, then Debian would need to
save up 5 BTC from donations or conversions from other currencies.

>> There are people who can legally invest in Bitcoin and may
>> choose to do so for some specific objective.  Does Debian itself
>> have any objectives that can be facilitated by Bitcoin and where
>> Bitcoin is better than any other possible speculative investment
>> opportunity?
> Facilitating payments, speeding them up, saving on fees, buying 
> hardware, … honestly, I think the sky's the limit if we are ready
> to look at it that way.
>> In short, I personally think it is probably possible for people
>> to donate them but Debian would need to be converting them.
> I think we could very well set aside an amount, e.g. define a
> limit of $5000 and anything above we exchange. Looking at Debian's
> wealth, I think we can certainly afford that.

But that is like saying Debian should also set aside $5000 worth of
silver (it is used in computers) or $5000 worth of contracts to buy
oil (energy prices impact data centers).  A speculative investment in
any of those may be useful for some purpose, but how does Debian
decide which is best out of BTC, XAG, oil and all the other possibilities?

> The benefit would be to have a foot in the door and a lower
> barrier of entry later. Also, we contribute to the adoption of
> Bitcoin, and we gather experience with cryptocurrencies, which —
> you can quote me on that — are here to stay.

That may be true, but is it within Debian's mission?

Personally, I believe Debian should be willing to carry the software
to enable Bitcoin just as Debian carries so many other types of
software.  Beyond that, things start to get out of scope.



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