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Aw: Mini-DebConf in Cambridge, UK - November 6-9 2014

Hi Steve,

I once had the API of ztex.de, a one-man-show FPGA company, with Debian, hoping it all to help promote the technology a bit. This unbeatable vicinity to ARM I would very much like to attract the Open Source and not-so-Open-Source FPGA application accelerator groups to come together. Parallella should be among those. I will ask SciEngines.com and TimeLogics.com, to whom I have some contact of varying closeness. What do you think? Is it too early and it should rather happen next year? Is ARM having itself something to show off with?

Many greetings


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> Betreff: Mini-DebConf in Cambridge, UK - November 6-9 2014
> Hi!
> As last year's event went so well, I've decided to organise another
> mini-DebConf in Cambridge this year. Again, my employer ARM is going
> to host the conference for 4 days in November:
>  * 2 days for a mini-DebCamp (Thu 6 - Fri 7), with space for dedicated
>    development / sprint / team meetings for up to 40 people
>  * 2 days for a more regular mini-conf (Sat 8 - Sun 9) with space for
>    more general talks, up to 100 people
> I'm also hoping to find sponsors again to cover some other costs for
> the conference for things like food - please contact me if you can
> help!
> I'm expecting that we will end up discussing and working on the arm64
> port and other ARM-related topics at the very least, but there's
> obviously also scope for other subjects for both sprint work and
> talks.
> For more details and to sign up to attend, please visit the wiki page
> at
>   https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Miniconf-UK/2014
> -- 
> Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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