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Re: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

Le mardi 12 août 2014 à 03:03 +0100, Anthony F McInerney a écrit : 
> I had stated previously XFCE had started showing memory usage similar
> to gnome. This has quite obviously changed. I was wrong, and i'm
> posting it as a correction to my statement.

You’re comparing apples and oranges. These memory usage comparisons are
only useful at feature parity - which doesn’t exist, since different
environments have different paradigms and different feature sets.

>         How much RAM does your browser use? 
> Lots, which is why i prefer my DE not to eat it all.

When the browser uses 1 GB while GNOME (including evolution and many
other running applications) uses half of that, I don’t think you need to
look for memory savings in the desktop. You need to buy more RAM and
that’s all, because browsers won’t suddenly stop needing their gigabyte.

>         If you can't run GNOME because you don't have the system specs
>         to run a modern desktop then you can select XFCE/LXDE in the
>         installation menu. But let's be fair, those people are a
>         minority. And a default should fit the needs of the majority. 
> Ahh good you have statistics for that. Please link them, or quote and
> cite sources.

I just had a look at an online hardware store.
Out of their 682 laptops and 332 desktops: 
      * 1 model has 1 GiB 
      * 48 models have 2 GiB 
      * 470 models have 4 GiB 
      * 495 have 6 GiB or more

Which means 0,1% of the machines you can buy are not able to run a web
browser anyway, < 5% are more than enough for a full-fledged GNOME+web
browser, and all the rest are very comfortable with anything you can run
under Linux.

> Some people like the 'basic 3d acceleration' for other things, so not
> only do you want me to sacrifice my RAM to all powerful DE, but also
> my GPU? How kind of you ;)

We happen at work to have users with very important needs of 3D
resources, so one of my colleagues conducted some performance tests with
and without a compositor (the compositor being GNOME 3).

It turns out that with a recent adapter, 3D applications are running a
small bit faster under GNOME, and that’s probably because it saves your
graphics card the pain to switch from 2D to 3D contexts. 
 .''`.        Josselin Mouette
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