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Re: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

Would the people who are claiming that blank cdr are cheaper than dvdr, especially in third world countries, please cite sources (shops, price checkers etc) of the price of say 5 pack or 10 pack, even up to 50pack of CD's, vs the same amount of DVD's, from those third world countries. Is the price of a small pack of DVD's really worth making the decision on a DE for debian?

If people have old CD only machines i would not like to attempt to get kernel 3.16 +drivers +userland working on that. I've been in that situation plenty of times, where woody or potato are better simply because the drivers had been deprecated. Lets not go into the 256/512MB of ram that the CD only computer has and how much gnome or xfce is going to chew up and bring the machine to a crawl as soon you try to do anything and it hits swap.

DVD readers/writers are cheaper now than CD readers/writers ever were.
The only argument you have left is bandwidth, and fortunately DVD's can be sent in the post. Also we are probably only talking about a 100MB or 200MB more.

I'd rather a nice debian installer with everything included, rather than trying to 'cut stuff out' just so it 'fits'. There's simply no need for that.

The real issue at hand should not be derailed by "does it work with 1995 technology"

As for the topic, the assumption of "let's switch back to gnome now", how quaint.

Firstly, it should be "Let's choose the default DE for Jessie".

Secondly, why haven't the lxde and kde developers been included on the list for this discussion?
Even with the init choice, the outsiders were given a chance to speak up (E17 anyone?)

Thirdly, and more importantly the state of gnome itself in testing/jessie repositories, let alone sid, even with a larger team, the mismatched package versions, the first movement from 3.8 to 3.12, means it's barely been looked at let alone tested, those that do attempt to test it come into irc regular to complain about it.

So can we not have our DE chosen on the merit of 20 cents, and instead decide which DE is best for technical reasons, usability, accessibility or interface and start customising it pronto? (ie, still need to decide on a default theme)

For reference i do not use XFCE or GNOME as my default DE, i have attempted to use sid and testing in a vm to test gnome3 recently and just gave up, that obviously might have changed in the last few weeks.

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