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Re: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

On 12 August 2014 01:03, Kees de Jong <keesdejong@gmail.com> wrote:
Are we really comparing RAM here as if it were the 90's?
I had stated previously XFCE had started showing memory usage similar to gnome. This has quite obviously changed. I was wrong, and i'm posting it as a correction to my statement.

I also just test installed all 4 DE's and am happy to run any further tests required to reach a consensus.
How many people here use Android? Today it needs 512 MB to function properly.
Linux+Java. Needs memory, surprise?
In two years that could be 1 or 2 GB and that's a mobile OS.
It's Linux. It has a web browser. A modem. A wireless connection. Bluetooth. GPS. Music Player, Photo viewer, wait this is sounding familiar.
How much RAM does your browser use?
Lots, which is why i prefer my DE not to eat it all.

My Chrome/Firefox easily uses 1 GB 
My GNOME 3.10 desktop (running Fedora now because I needed a modern GNOME version for Exchange support for work) is using about 800 MB to 1200 MB.

Do I really care? No, because RAM is cheap and I have 8 GB. Do I need to buy more? No, because 8 GB is still more than enough.
                                    total            used             free      shared    buffers     cached
Mem:                    12332856     12164516        168340     129196     100248    3989512
-/+ buffers/cache:                        8074756      4258100
Swap:                    3211260          129088      3082172
Maybe for you. (and my DE uses less than lxde and xfce, but with more options and jazz+bugs). But that's me, i might be able to fit my own memory, most people will not, they have to pay for that, and most would have to remove memory to fit  more memory, hence making the cost more than you imagined.

If you can't run GNOME because you don't have the system specs to run a modern desktop then you can select XFCE/LXDE in the installation menu. But let's be fair, those people are a minority. And a default should fit the needs of the majority.
Ahh good you have statistics for that. Please link them, or quote and cite sources.

And since people easily have 4 GB of RAM or more these days with the basic 3D acceleration (even a Raspberry Pi can run GNOME 3) then I would say that logic chooses GNOME.
Some people like the 'basic 3d acceleration' for other things, so not only do you want me to sacrifice my RAM to all powerful DE, but also my GPU? How kind of you ;) . Also as the memory usage shows, a pi won't be doing much more than starting gnome and going, oh look it's gnome. 
Also because of a ton of other reasons already mentioned e.g. systemd, documentation, dedicated maintainers, accessibility, etc.
OK that's a gnome+1 then. :)
TBH i'd rather hear what you like about gnome3, the workflow or anything else that makes it 'stand out' from other DE's, or rather, worth a large percentage of ram, especially if can surpass 1GB. 
Thanks for the info.

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