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Re: Sponsoring a Tails hackfest?

Hi Ian,

Quoting Ian Jackson (2014-05-06 15:05:38)
> Jonas Smedegaard writes ("Re: Sponsoring a Tails hackfest?"):
>> Quoting Holger Levsen (2014-05-05 12:24:41)
>>> Debian Edu sid is 100% Debian.
> ...
>> Does that mean bug#311188 is fixed?  Or have things changed since 
>> your decision to lower that bugreport?
> I don't think it is right to criticise the Debian Edu developers for 
> the approach they have taken.

Neither do I.

I criticise the claim that Debian Edu is a pure subset of Debian, as 
defined at <https://wiki.debian.org/DebianPureBlends#Terminology>.

> I fully understand why Debian's policy rules exist (indeed, the rule 
> about not editing conffiles, referred to in #311188, was first 
> promulgated by me).  But I also understand why people want to write 
> configuration helper packages.

I fully agree.

> That our system doesn't properly support configuration helper packages 
> is a deficiency in Debian.  It is a difficult technical problem, whose 
> solution will probably involve a good deal of both technical effort 
> and consensus-building and negotiation.  It is quite understandable 
> that a group such as Debian Edu, who are trying to solve a particular 
> problem, choose not to shave that particular yak and instead live with 
> the consequences.
> If this situation displeases you, the right approach is to try to help 
> improve Debian's (meta)configuration architecture.  Posting brickbats 
> (or sarcastic messages) about the Debian Edu team is not appropriate.

What displeases me is Debian Edu claiming to be fully inside Debian when 
in fact their configuration handling is not.


 - Jonas

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