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Re: TC voting and governance process (was: systemd bad press? score card?)

Russ Allbery wrote:
> At the moment, I find the idea of other people discussing these issues and
> any others that have arisen and coming up with a good plan of action while
> I sit back and watch horribly appealing for some reason.  :)  I'm not sure
> if now is the best time, or if we should wait until we've gotten to some
> steady-state position on the init system debate and then start the
> procedural discussions.  I'll leave that to other people's discretion.

I wouldn't want to do it now if it required the ctte change its process
mid-stream, or if it somehow distracted the ctte from coming to a

OTOH, if the ctte is still stuck in a procedural morass after the full
3-4 weeks it takes to pass a GR, it could be a lifeline that
lets it decide on a better decision making procedure. Even if that ends
up being "we decide by consensus and we have none re systemd".

That's as far as I've gotten in thinking about this.

see shy jo

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