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Re: link removal

Hi Peter,

On Fri, January 10, 2014 02:45, link master wrote:
> My name is Pete Crisaf and I?m getting in touch on behalf of our company
> www.dzineit.net .We noticed that you?ve linked to our website on your page
> > with the text (new york web design) and am requesting that
> you remove the link.I?m asking this because it?s come to our attention
> that some of the links to our website have been acquired against Google?s
> Webmaster Guidelines, so it?s important for us to remove links that are
> harming traffic to our website.

It's sad to hear that some malicious person created a spam account on our
forums that, what are the odds, happened to link to your website, damaging
your Google reputation. What has become of our world? Rest assured, I have
removed the link now.


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