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Re: Debian services and Debian infrastructure

We've implemented OpenNebula here at Brainfood and after having had some
experience with it I would say that having that kind of infrastructure
simplifies management rather than making it more complicated. Having a
bunch of hand baked KVMs running without coordinated migration or shared
storage is a lot more fragile, confusing and slow to work with. For 
instance, if we need to service a machine we can tell OpenNebula to "flush"
that host and it will automatically balance all the virtual machines
running on that machine to other hosts. That's a big convenience.

I'm sure OpenStack has similar capabilities. We evaluated it along with
a number of other infrastructures and for us OpenNebula was just the
easiest to get going from the stock Debian packages. We also have found
it to be very hackable. A lot of its functionality actually lives in
shell scripts rather than some DSL or Ruby code.

----- "Lucas Nussbaum" <leader@debian.org> wrote:

> 3. to provide a place to experiment with new services
>    + create a "Debian cloud" with virtual machines to develop new
> services
>      (maybe providing manually-created VMs would be enough -- I'm not
> sure we 
>      need a complex infra such as OpenStack).

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