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Re: Debian services and Debian infrastructure

On Sun, Jan 05, 2014 at 02:28:59PM +0100, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> >> Q3. What should be our definition of "official services"?
> > Even if this is highly preferable, I don't think that official services 
> > (.d.o services) should necessarily be running on Debian hardware managed
> > by DSA, provided that:
> > - the service is clearly useful and used
> > - the service has a sustainable maintainance model (active team +
> >   instructions on how to contribute, run a local copy, etc. + DFSG-free)
> > - the service's design does not raise security or scalability concerns
> I disagree on that, official services should run under project
> overview. So far that the project can take it over and move it, should
> all of the team go away. Active team today doesn't mean they are there
> tomorrow to properly hand it over. Having the project itself have
> access (via DSA at least) ensures it can continue.

I very much agree with Joerg on this.

A team like DSA offers to the Debian Project two key features. One,
which is the most visible one, is the technical output and continued
service of a team of talented sysadmins.

The other is the governance guarantee that we, as a project, can always
take over the maintenance of a service whose current maintainers go MIA
or become unwilling to work with the rest of the project for any reason.
As Joerg points out.

I understand that we can come up with a list of requirements that
diminish the risk. This is, I believe, what Lucas was trying to do with
the requirements quoted above. But I think it is much better to
centralize those requirements on a single, DPL-delegated team, than
trying to replicate that to many different, de facto self-proclaimed

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