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Re: Please update the DSA delegation

Paul Tagliamonte writes ("Re: Please update the DSA delegation"):
> I think the only "legal" way to do this would be to delegate a developer
> on that team the ability to re-delegate members of a team (e.g. you
> can't delegate the team, you'd have to delegate a person to delegate the
> team)

Formally speaking, team delegations are delegations to listed
individuals.  In my proposal, the delegation would simply explicitly
grant the delegates the power to make onward delegations (and state
that any such onward delegations should be taken to survive the
departure of the granting delegate).

But the main point here is that the team should normally be able to
manage its membership directly.  That's how these things have often
been done (sometimes with no explicit DPL rubber stamp, even).

(Of course if a team has a problem, the DPL can have a discussion and
perhaps directly add people, but that's the unusual case.)


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