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Re: Please update the DSA delegation

>> Now, I have no idea how that private discussion looks like, so I can
>> only base my observation on what I see of DSAs works and the old
>> delegation text. Which doesn't look like the role really changed? May
>> I ask what I miss?

> Over the last months, I was contacted by DDs about several issues
> involving DSA (which doesn't mean they are fault).  I initiated a
> discussion with DSA to try to understand how we could improve things (at
> this point, my limited understanding is that it's mainly communication
> problems).  The discussion is ongoing.

> A delegation is a good opportunity to clarify interactions between a
> team and the rest of the project, so I'd rather factor this in, if
> relevant.

Uh, a delegation is about responsibilities of the team, not how that
team interacts with the project? (Unless the delegation itself happens
to be about just that).
Yes, most teams works do need interactions with the rest of the project,
and given the role that DSA has, they do have a lot of that. Yet I don't
see how that affects the delegation.

> 1) As I explained on -private@ a few weeks ago, I'm slightly backlogged,
> and I'm not sure why you think that this delegation should be
> prioritized compared to other pending tasks,

I did not say that at all. If you would have replied with something
along "Bit busy now, will get to that soon" there wouldn't have been
any question. What I asked is plain about the different meanings one can
take out of your reply.

> 2) As said numerous times, I would love to get more help with other
> DPL-related tasks, so that I would be able to update delegations in less
> than 48 hours. The next DPL helpers meeting is on 2013-12-16 at 18:00 UTC.

You have the same problem about any other team in Debian has - limited
supply of volunteers.

> 3) I was a bit surprised to see Martin's announcement that Hector
> was now a member of DSA, and his request to update the DSA delegation.
> The usual process is that the appointement of delegates is usually
> discussed between the DPL and the team. Of course, for well-functioning
> teams that propose a new delegate who already went through a training
> process, that discussion is rather likely to be short. But that's not a
> valid reason to suppress it completely and make it sound like a
> public demand that the DPL does the required paperwork (I'm sure that
> it was not Martin's intent, but it's still worth clarifying, I think).

Really. Interesting. Honestly, for functional teams the DPL is nothing
but putting his stamp on team changes the team wants. It shouldn't be
anything else there. If I remember correctly the DPL learned about the
last ftpmaster promotion around 2 weeks after it happened.[1]

Non-functional ones are a different thing, but we are lucky that they
are extremely seldom. And DSA may be some things, but sure not

[1] Though that had some bits to do with the timing and circumstances
    around it, but its pretty normal to first have things decided in
    team and then have DPL (and project) informed.

bye, Joerg
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