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Re: Please update the DSA delegation

On 04/12/13 at 14:58 +0100, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Hi
> >>I am pleased to announce that DSA has promoted Héctor Orón
> >>Martínez to a
> >>full member of the team.
> >>Please update the delegation for the Debian System Administrators
> >>accordingly.
> >I'd rather wait until we see where our current (private)
> >conversation is
> >going, as the job description could be updated/clarified as a result.
> There are two ways to interpret this.
> One is that one simple wants to avoid a mostly doubled mail to
> d-d-a, now
> delegating Hector, when there is going to be a change to the role of
> upcoming anyways. Which may be the case if the role of DSA changed
> since the
> last delegation, to have the delegation reflect reality.
> The other is that Hector is used as a way to pressure DSA into
> accepting a
> role change they may otherwise not accept or have given reasons why
> it is wrong to
> do so.
> Now, I have no idea how that private discussion looks like, so I can
> only base
> my observation on what I see of DSAs works and the old delegation
> text. Which
> doesn't look like the role really changed? May I ask what I miss?

Over the last months, I was contacted by DDs about several issues
involving DSA (which doesn't mean they are fault).  I initiated a
discussion with DSA to try to understand how we could improve things (at
this point, my limited understanding is that it's mainly communication
problems).  The discussion is ongoing.

A delegation is a good opportunity to clarify interactions between a
team and the rest of the project, so I'd rather factor this in, if

Three other comments:
1) As I explained on -private@ a few weeks ago, I'm slightly backlogged,
and I'm not sure why you think that this delegation should be
prioritized compared to other pending tasks, especially given that it's
not blocking Hector's work (according to LDAP, DSA did not wait for the
delegation to give Hector effective DSA powers -- I suppose that he
already was a member of the adm group during his time as a DSA trainee).

2) As said numerous times, I would love to get more help with other
DPL-related tasks, so that I would be able to update delegations in less
than 48 hours. The next DPL helpers meeting is on 2013-12-16 at 18:00 UTC.

3) I was a bit surprised to see Martin's announcement that Hector
was now a member of DSA, and his request to update the DSA delegation.
The usual process is that the appointement of delegates is usually
discussed between the DPL and the team. Of course, for well-functioning
teams that propose a new delegate who already went through a training
process, that discussion is rather likely to be short. But that's not a
valid reason to suppress it completely and make it sound like a
public demand that the DPL does the required paperwork (I'm sure that
it was not Martin's intent, but it's still worth clarifying, I think).


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