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Re: Code of Conduct: picking up

Op 06-11-13 15:13, Ian Jackson schreef:
> Wouter Verhelst writes ("Re: Code of Conduct: picking up"):
>> Op 05-11-13 19:47, Ian Jackson schreef:
>>> I would suggest that the GR should explicitly say that the DPL is
>>> empowered to make changes to the Code of Conduct according to the
>>> usual process for a DPL decision.
>> Hmm. I'm leaning towards this, but I'm not 100% sure yet. It should be
>> safe (after all, the DPL is someone who, by definition, is supposed to
>> be trusted by the community), but it feels a bit irky.
> If the DPL does something silly, we have ways of stopping them.

True (which is why I was leaning towards doing so)

> I think doing it that way would serve the main purpose of having the
> CoC be a GR, namely demonstrating widespread acceptance and giving the
> document moral authority, but still retain the flexibility of fairly
> easy updates.

The question is whether it would be "too" easy.

But then again, the DPL does already have the responsibility to take
decisions "which are consistent with the consensus of the opinions of
the Developers" (§5.3 of the constitution). I guess I'm being overly
sensitive here; we should be fine.

(I don't think the procedure for updating the CoC belongs in the CoC
itself, so I'll just make it part of the GR text instead)

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