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Re: Result of the Code of Conduct BOF at Debconf [and 1 more messages]

Wouter Verhelst writes ("Re: Result of the Code of Conduct BOF at Debconf [and 1 more messages]"):
> Op 15-08-13 11:48, Ian Jackson schreef:
> > I think the existing draft is far too long.  I'd like to propose
> > something much shorter:
> > Debian code of conduct
> > ----------------------
...> > 
> > Debian expects everyone to help keep our community welcoming and fun:
> > 
> > * Be respectful.
> > 
> > * Assume good faith.
> It has always been my intention to have the section headers in the draft
> that I'd sent around be normative, with the text in between be
> "explanations"; people who read the titles (and skip everything else)
> should understand at a basic level what we expect. We may wish to make
> this clear through markup.

I think that's a very odd thing to do.  A document which was mostly
non-normative text would be very strange.

I appreciate that a lot of people have contributed to various parts of
the wording.  But I think that adding the extra "explanation" actually
weakens the document.  It also makes it harder to get agreement,
because in principle we need to thrash out all those details.

I have refrained from getting into the detailed nitty gritty of the
wording of the longer CoC draft, but if I were to review it with a
careful eye I think I would find a lot to quibble with.

And in Debian every complaint about a document tends to be met by
adding new wording to clarify things.  That may be appropriate in a
technical document, but for a political statement like this one I
think it's harmful.  We should err on deleting text.

I think the example of the diversity statement is a good one.


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