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Re: Xfce by default

On Tue, 05 Nov 2013 15:42:13 +0100, Stefan Mauerberger wrote:

> Hi There!
> Just wanted to let you know that from my point of view it is a very bad
> call changing Debian's default desktop once more. (... GNOME2 -> GNOME3
> -> Xfce -> ???)

IIRC, this was discussed days ago¹ on "debian-devel" mailing list.

> I am nothing but a super stupid user and I do not care what is under the
> hoods. Nevertheless, what I can tell you is that users are expecting
> continuity! I do not want to change all of my habits for every new
> release.
> Be pragmatic and stay with GNOME3! That is the simple message I have to
> make.

If you ask me, I'm now more inclined to have no default desktop at all 
and ask the user what he/she wants to get when installing Debian from a 
big media (DVD) even if this action requires changes in the installer.




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