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Re: Xfce by default

Stefan Mauerberger <stefan.mauerberger@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi There!
> Just wanted to let you know that from my point of view it is a very bad
> call changing Debian's default desktop once more. (... GNOME2 -> GNOME3 ->
> Xfce -> ???)
> I am nothing but a super stupid user and I do not care what is under the
> hoods. Nevertheless, what I can tell you is that users are expecting
> continuity! I do not want to change all of my habits for every new release.
> Be pragmatic and stay with GNOME3! That is the simple message I have to
> make.

There are people that have no opinion about what Desktop they prefer, or
even no understanding what is meant by "desktop".  The default is there
to ensure that those people get _something_ when they do a new install,
rather than being presented with what is (to them) an incomprehensible

It sounds like you're expecting your desktop to change when you upgrade.
That should not happen ... well, not unless you're talking about things
like Gnome2-->Gnome3, but that's really just a version upgrade of the
same desktop.  If you don't like _that_ you should probably be talking
to the gnome developers instead (or better yet, not bothering, as
they've heard that before, and they won't listen to you either).

If you're someone who re-installs when new versions of Debian come out
... erm ... why?  (upgradeability is one of Debian's USPs after all)

If you're worried about new installations, you can just select the
desktop you prefer at install time (OK, that option is hidden behind the
Advanced menu, but it is there -- for Jessie, especially if we change
default, I'm sure it will be more obvious).

A change of defaults is mostly about what fits on CD#1 -- it's nothing
to get very excited about.

Cheers, Phil.
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